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Design and Properties of MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer

MyBagMyLove handbag organizer
  • 1. Universal Size

    Do you have handbags/purses of various sizes? No problem! MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer fits into a handbag of any size. Thanks to great system of zippers and press-buttons you may extend and tighten the organizer so it fits into any purse.

  • 2. Perfect Order in Your Handbag, Purse or Backpack

    Ingenious system of big pockets, tiny pockets and holders makes sure every item in your hangbag/purse stays in its place. You'll no longer experience problems finding your car keys, home keys and your purse/wallet will always be safe thanks to a pocket with a zipper.

  • 3. Organizer May Be Washed in a Washing Machine

    While it may be difficult to clean the insides of a regular handbag, MyBagMyLove handbag/purse organizer can be easily washed in a washing machine at the temperature 40 C. So you'll no longer have to worry about stains and dirt in your handbag/purse.

  • 4. Premium Czech product

    MyBagMyLove organizers are custom made for us by Czech manufacturer Uniko from a fabric made by renowned Czech company Hedva. And that's not all! We use top quality metalic zippers YKK made in Europe that are commonly used by renowned companies such as Louis Vuitton, Prada nebo Dior.

Design Lines of MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer


The basic line of MyBagMyLove handbag organizer is sewn from fabric of one color and has no closing zipper. MyBagMyLove Classic handbag organizer's types differ by the color of the lining and used fabric.
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MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer deLuxe unlike the Classic line has a closing zipper. This way you can be sure not to lose anything from your handbag even if your handbag does not have a zipper itself.
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Duo Classic

MyBagMyLove handbag/purse organizer Duo Classic is sewn from fabrics of two colors. Fabric that is used for inner part of the organizer is lighter than the surface, so it's easier to find anything inside the handbag.
Buy MyBagMyLove handbag organizer Duo Classic »

Duo deLuxe

The most luxurious version of our handbag organizer - MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Duo deLuxe is not only made of fabric of two colors just like Duo Classic, but also has a zipper closing just like deLuxe. 

Buy MyBagMyLove handbag organizer Duo deLuxe »

MyBagMyLove handbag organizer Classic MyBagMyLove handbag organizer deLuxe MyBagMyLove handbag organizer Duo Classic MyBagMyLove handbag organizer Duo deLuxe
Duo Classic
Duo deLuxe

Technical Details of MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer

Enjoy Perfect Overview of Your Handbag Contents

MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer consists of smart system of pockets. Some of the pockets have zippers, some allow you to insert things such as bottles with drinks. Every thing in your handbag may have its own spot where you can find it anytime. Organizer has not only inside pockets but also pockets on the outside. The number of pockets differs for each organizer model, so we recommend you to browse through our collection. Besides pockets your organizer may contain also car key holder or a ring for your home key.

MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer without a pocket
Top view
Adjusting organizer to handbag size
Front view


The More Pockets, the Better

MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer includes not only inner, but also outside pockets. Our organizer has outer double pockets from both sides.

MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer with 2 pockets
Organizer with 2 pockets


No More Searching for Keys or Pens in Your Handbag

Do you hate when you can't find your keys or pen in your purse? You can leave this problem behind thanks to our handbag organizer. MyBagMyLove handbag organizer also includes key and pen holder.

MyBagMyLove handbag organizer with 3 pocketsMyBagMyLove handbag organizer key holderMyBagMyLove handbag organizer pen holder
MyBagMyLove handbag organizer rolled MyBagMyLove handbag organizer rolled

Takes Minimum Space

If you travel a lot, we're sure you'll welcome the fact that MyBagMyLove organizer can be rolled into a roll to take up minimum space in your luggage.

Inner and Outer Handles

Inner handles allow you to move your handbag organizer from one handbag to another within several seconds.

 handbag organizer


handbag organizer

With a Key Holder

If you're annoyed by searching for your keys inside your handbag, then you'll welcome the MyBagMyLove handbag organizer with a built-in key holder.

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