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What is a handbag organizer?

MyBagMyLove handbag organizer
  • Do You Like Switching Purses/Handbags?

    MyBagMyLove handbag/purse organizer is designed for women who often switch handbags/purses and don't want to waste time by moving their contents from one handbag to another. This is a past thanks to amazing MyBagMyLove organizer! All you need to do is take the MyBagMyLove handbag organizer out of one purse and put it into another one. And you can be sure you have got everything you need with you!

  • No Longer a Mess in Your Purse!

    Thanks to MyBagMyLove handbag/purse organizer you'll no longer have problem finding anything in your purse. Every thing has its own spot in your handbag organizer where you can be sure to find it anytime! As you can wash the handbag organizer in your washing maschine, you don't have to worry about any stains. While it's quite difficult to clean the insides of a common handbag, handbag organizer can be easily washed just like any other piece of your clothes.

  • High Quality Product Made in Czech Republic

    MyBagMyLove handbag organizers are sewn in Czech Republic from a material made by renowned Czech company Hedva. Above all we you top quality metal zippers YKK made in Europe that are commonly used by brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada or Dior.

  • Size of a Handbag/Purse Is Not Important!

    Do you have handbags/purses of different sizes? No problem! MyBagMyLove handbag/purse organizer fits into any size of a handbag. MyBagMyLove handbag purse organizer adjusts itself to fit any handbag. All you have to do is use side zippers and press-buttons.

MyBagMyLove Handbag Organizer Design Series


MyBagMyLove handbag organizer Classic line is sewn from fabric of one color and has no closing zipper. MyBagMyLove Classic handbag organizer's types differ by the color of the lining and used fabric.
Buy MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Classic »


MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer deLuxe unlike the Classic line has a closing zipper. This way you can be sure not to lose anything from your handbag even if your handbag does not have a zipper itself.
Buy MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer deLuxe »

Duo Classic

MyBagMyLove handbag/purse organizer Duo Classic is sewn from fabrics of two colors. Fabric that is used for inner part of the organizer is lighter than the surface, so it's easier to find anything inside the handbag.
Buy MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Duo Classic »

Duo deLuxe

The most luxurious version of our handbag organizer - MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Duo deLuxe is not only made of fabric of two colors just like Duo Classic, but also has a zipper closing just like deLuxe.
Buy MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Duo deLuxe »

MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Classic MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer deLuxe MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Duo Classic MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Duo deLuxe
Classic Plus
Duo Classic
Duo Classic Plus

MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Maintenance

MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer can be repeatedly washed in a washing machine at 40 °C.

How Does the MyBagMyLove Handbag/Purse Organizer Work?

Take a look at our short video tutorial and see for yourself how many things will fit into your handbag/purse with our handbag organizer, and how easily it can be moved from one handbag to another within few seconds.

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